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Welcome to our brand new site! 

Welcome to our brand new site! We look forward to keeping you up to date here with all our concerts, recordings and projects! We aim to bring imaginative, daring, creative and adventurous programmes, with a touch of the magic of our name-giver Arethusa!


Maja, Dana, Floor & Daniel


Arethusa Photoshoot

We had a great photoshoot with one and only Sarah Wijzenbeek, in the beautiful setting of the Stadsgehoorzaal in Leiden. Thank you for your generous hospitality! We are delighted with this varied and striking set of photos, to help set us off in our first season together! 

Peteris Vasks at Stift & Osnabruck 

It was incredibly inspiring to work with our friend Peteris Vasks at Stift and in Osnabruck. His 6th String Quartet is a deeply moving and powerful piece and we are looking forward to recording it next year for Challenge Records. The performance at Stift is on the video page!

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