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About the Arethusa Quartet

The new Arethusa Quartet was founded in 2023 and unifies four exciting, internationally renowned musicians with backgrounds both as soloists and in world famous chamber groups. Having shared the stage in numerous festivals, Daniel Rowland, Floor Le Coultre, Dana Zemtsov and Maja Bogdanovic developed a deep friendship, bonded over their complementary passions and ideals, and decided to create this dynamic and unique group.


Daniel, Floor, Dana and Maja combine great imagination, creativity and adventures in their performances. Their mesmerizing intensity derives from always being 'in the moment' while playing music. Not long after it was founded, the Arethusa Quartet was already invited by numerous festivals and concert venues. Its members are passionate advocates of music of our time and have already (in their first season!) worked closely together with composers such as Peteris Vasks and Osvaldo Golijov.

The Arethusa Quartet takes its name from the mythical, magical water nymph called Arethusa. There is a very beautiful work by the composer Karol Szymanowski called The Fountain of Arethusa. The story is about the beautiful water nymph, who is desired by all kinds of gods and demigods. One of those demigods, Alpheus, sees her in the water and tries to catch her. The moment he thinks he has caught her, she turns into the water itself and becomes one with nature. She is unreachable for the hands of the demigod. This vaporous concept of longing can also be applied to art, and to music in particular. It is beautifully unreachable. It is impossible to grasp. And if you think 'now I have it!', it is already gone.

Daniel Rowland, violin
Floor Le Coultre, violin

Dana Zemtsov, viola

Maja Bogdanovic, cello

“This was in its filigree, ravishing sound truly a perfect and deeply moving performance. Starting at the threshold of inaudibility, they  built towards an apotheosis. It was a spiritual experience." - NOZ, Germany

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